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Taking a Step Into Your New Life

You want a new life, you want your life to be different than it is now. How do you do it? How do you start taking steps that will bring you to what you've always imagined you wanted to live?<< MORE >>

Emotions in Balance

Emotions are part of you, no doubt about it, but you have the ability to control emotions so you're balanced instead of being overrun by them. How? By recognizing you have within you lower energy emotions and higher energy emotions, you become aware of your emotional range and you can begin using discernment to balance the range you want to experience.... << MORE >>


Creating a new life is no small task. Yet it does begin with your decision to step into who you really are. You build momentum forward from this decision point. With clarity and the decision to live from your highest self, you begin to build momentum forward.<< MORE >>

Discovering Your Truth

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered. The point is to discover them - says Galaleo When I set my intention to understand my truths, I began seeing many beliefs I thought were truths but found they needed to be upgraded. Truths I believed as a child, that I discovered were still running in the background of my life (like a hidden computer program that runs in the background affecting many other files), no longer held true. Most of our beliefs are just incomplete.<< MORE >>

Being Higher Self Sufficient

Recently I was guiding a client, Amanda (name changed to protect her privacy) who was struggling with severe sadness regarding her relationship. << MORE >>

What We Think and What We Feel

What we think and what we feel... ...manifests AS our life. Since our thoughts create our lives, it's vital we make sure to keep steering thoughts and feelings toward what we want.<< MORE >>

Today is about the New

... a new life, a new thought, a new feeling, a new vision, new possibilities, new experiences, new levels of relationship, the new You! << MORE >>

The Space Before Action

There is a space before we act. This space has two aspects... one filled with fear, the other aspect filled with excitement. The fear-filled space will stop us or thwart our efforts; the excitement space will drive us forward, inspired and charged!<< MORE >>

Bucket List to Living List

You've heard about the bucket list, things to do before we die. Nice idea, but what about living now, really living now? Not just existing and putting all the things we'll do 'someday' on a bucket list? One of the assignments my clients really enjoy is to Create a Living List. This is very different from just having a bucket list of things to do before they kick the bucket. << MORE >>

Today, This Year, Always

Today is 1.11, what can I write you... I could tell you the significance of 111 but I think if you'll research it, you'll get more out of it. I want to write something that will inspire you for this still new year. Better to have written you before the new year started? Perhaps. Or not. As today is when the inspiration hit, here you are...<< MORE >>
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